DomainTops is the industry leader in automated domain appraisals. No other online system has the motivation, accuracy or comprehensiveness of DomainTops.

There are numerous reasons DomainTops is the #1 choice for domainers:

  • More mature and advanced algorithm
    DomainTops boasts one of the most thorough and accurate algorithms on the Internet.
  • Unique approach
    An explanation of the algorithm can be found below.
  • No affiliations
    DomainTops is the only one that isn't trying to get you to buy something. (No objectively inflated values.)
  • Comprehensive results
    None other provides more advice and detailed info about a domain than DnT does.
  • Instant results
    After a few seconds, your estimate is displayed.
...plus more.

A domain's value is worth only as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. True? If you want to take the fundamentalist approach, yes, it is true. However, this psychology will not survive in the domain market because a seller still needs to know things about his domain: a huge assortment of various numbers, including what the domain could be worth. If the seller doesn't know this, how can he set a base asking price?

There are other appraisal systems out there (Swift Appraisal and LeapFish jump to mind) which objectively inflate your domain's value to entice you into buying a professional appraisal: their systems are little more than marketing ploys. EstiBot, though new to the map, is competent but lacks substance sometimes (even so, I suggest it as a second opinion here and there). While DomainTops isn't perfect, I believe that appraisal results bring new depth to the value of a domain.

The evaluation process is complex and contains thousands of lines of code. Though efficient and generally accurate, no computer-simulated intelligence can match the intelligence of a human. However, to come close, the system considers many variables to adjust your domain's value. Depending on whether your domain is appraised by length or by keywords, certain attributes are accredited:

    Appraisal by Length
  • Number of Characters
  • Letter/digit quality
  • Hyphen(s)
  • Character positions
  • Extension
  • Pronounceable
  • Acronym Possibilities
  • Speak ability
  • Live market data

  • Appraisal by Keywords
  • Averaged search results
  • Search quantity
  • Keyword popularity
  • Synonym popularity
  • Word endings
  • Geographical Matching
  • Extension
  • Hyphen(s)
  • Domain length
  • Grammar
  • Live market data
  • Popularity in other exts.
  • If possible, past sale price
  • Global marketability
  • Consumer Demand

  • Plus, for parked domains...
  • Revenue from parking service
Because of various complexities, not all of these components are implanted yet but are in testing on my server in my office and should be live soon.