Implied Agreement

By using this site, you - the visitor - agree to the terms and conditions laid out on this page.

By running an appraisal with DomainTops, you understand that the appraisal value is merely a conclusion to a series of functions that manipulate data from elsewhere on the Internet or within its own programming and that you should never - unless by your own discretion - base actual marketplace values or sale prices on DomainTops appraisals.

DomainTops appraises a DOMAIN ONLY, NOTHING ELSE. You'd be suprised how often even with a name like "DomainTops" and the words "domain appraisal" used, well, plenty of times, and the fact that nowhere is the term "site appraisal" mentioned in this entire DNS sector how many people think DomainTops also appraises the site that is on the domain. This is NOT SO.

DomainTops is not responsbile for any monetary/financial or property losses you may encounter as we have no control over anything stupid you might do away from this site.

Please domain responsibly.